Myo-fascial Release Techniques for the Thorax Lumbo -pelvic region & lower Quadrant- Aug 22 Brisb



Time: 8.45am- 5.15pm @ ROYAL ON THE PARK HOTEL

Date: Saturday 22nd August 2020

7.5 CPD Points

Myofascial release course Singapore 12 October 2018

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By popular demand, AMTA has created a practical 1 day course to teach a variety of techniques for releasing muscles, fascia, and neuro-fascial structures for the Thoracic & lumbar spine, pelvis and hip to lower quadrant. These techniques have evolved from Barb & Liz Noads' years of clinical practice and incorporates releasing a variety of tissues at different levels to ease pain, tension, and improve stability.

Course Aims:

  • Review anatomy of the muscles, fascia, and neural pathways of the Thoracic,  lumbar spine, pelvis and hip 
  • Review the background of myofascial releases and neural glide techniques
  • Integrate myo-fascial, neurofascial viscera-ligamentous techniques into treatment for thoracic, lumbo-pelvic, and hip disorders
  • Provide practical sessions to:
  • Release the fascia and muscles of the lumbar spine
  • Release muscles, fascia, ligaments and neural tissue in the pelvis 
  • Release muscles and fascia between the pelvis, hip and thigh 
  • Present techniques for decompression of tissue affecting the nerve root and disc material

Pre-requisite: No previous course requirement needed, other than professional registration requirements as per AMTA T & C’s.

AMTA 2020 Schedule for Myofascial Release Course in Brisbane 

Saturday 22nd August 20120

Sign in and registration at the course: 8.30am Saturday

Course times: 8.45am to 5.15pm 

Venue: Avro room at Royal on the Park Hotel Brisbane

Address152 Alice St, Brisbane City QLD 4001

 PARKING & TRANSPORT: Please go the hotel website to access their location map.

For public transport: The free City Loop bus service provides high frequency public transport access within the Brisbane CDB. The city loop operates

in an anti-clockwise direction around the Brisbane CBD from the red signposted bus stops, using distinctive red busses.
There is a red bus stop opposite the hotel on Alice Street. Additional information can be found in the link below:

 Car parking: at The Park on the Royal hotel is available for event guests at a discounted rate of  $25 per vehicle (otherwise $30) per day on Saturdays 


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