Treatment of Pelvis & Lumbar Spine 2: The Integrated Pelvis- 23rd- 24th October 2021




Date: Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 October 2021

8.45am to 5.15pm Saturday & Sunday

Course closed.  Next Level 2 Treatment of the Pelvis course will be in 2021

Pre-requisite is completion of Treatment of the Pelvis & Lumbar Spine Level 1

Course hours/ PD points: 14.5

Sydney 2021

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The Integrated Pelvis: Treatment of Pelvis & Lumbar Spine Level 2 Course

A Functional approach to assessment, treatment & rehab for Lumbo-Pelvic Stability

How do you decide if the pelvis is the primary driver of altered function vs the thoracic rib complex or cranium?

When the pelvis is the primary driver, what treatments will be most effective, in what order to restore function?

This 2 day course builds on the articular and Muscle Energy Techniques for the Pelvis & lumbar taught in Level 1 course and expands into whole body assessment to determine the primary source of impairment. You will then learn how & when to manipulate the SIJ, vs how/when to integrate myo-fascial releases, neural and dural techniques into treatment. This is followed by a discussion into the effects of joint dysfunction on muscular activation and motor control. A specific program for rehabilitation of core stability and graded retraining of optimal lumbo-pelvic stabilisation is presented.

Course Aims:

  • Review anatomy and biomechanics of the pelvis and lumbar spine and the definitions of joint stability and functional load transfer through the lumbo-pelvic region (pre-course webinar)
  • Apply a biomechanical model in order to define dysfunction in the lumbo-pelvic region
  • Present a biomechanical framework as a basis for assessment & differential diagnosis of regions of the body that may be triggering altered pelvic function, vs how to determine when the pelvis or hip are the primary source of impairment.
  • Consider how to assess the effect of altered pelvic muscle activation on the hip joint
  • Provide practical sessions during which muscle energy and articular techniques for specific Musculo-skeletal dysfunctions of the lumbar spine, pubic symphysis and sacroiliac joints are taught.
  • Discuss the application of specific manipulation techniques for the sacroiliac joint, with practical application
  • Discuss and apply assessment techniques to diagnose true instability of the Pubic symphysis and SIJ in comparison to functional insufficiency of pelvic stability
  • Discuss and practice Integrating myo-fascial techniques, neural and dural techniques into patient management
  • Practical application of a specific exercise program for retraining lumbo-pelvic stability

 Pre-requisite: Previous attendance at Level 1 Treatment of the Pelvis & Lumbar spine course

 AMTA 2021 Schedule for "The Integrated Pelvis:Treatment of the Pelvis & Lumbar Spine level 2

Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 November 2021 

Venue: Adina Apartment Hotel Surry Hills, Sydney

Address: 359 Crown Street, Surry Hills       

TEL: 02 8302 1000

Sign in and registration at the course: 8.30am Saturday Fitzroy Room, Ground Floor Adina Surry Hills

Course times: 8.45am to 5.15pm  Saturday & Sunday ( possible 5pm finish on Sunday)

More details will be provided with course confirmation after registration and payment has been received.

 Booking Accommodation: This hotel will provide a 10% discount on their scheduled rates if you let them know that you are attending this AMTA course and the course dates. BOOK ONLINE @ or call TOGA Reservations:+61 2 9356 5062




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