By popular demand, AMTA has created a practical 1 day course to teach a variety of techniques for releasing muscles, fascia, and neuro-fascial structures for the Thoracic & lumbar spine, and pelvis to lower quadrant. These techniques have evolved from Barb’s years of clinical practice plus collaboration with Elizabeth Noad. The course incorporates releasing a variety of tissues at different levels to ease pain, tension, and improve stability.

Course Aims:

  • Review anatomy of the muscles, fascia, and neural pathways of the Thoracic,  lumbar spine, pelvis, hip and lower limb
  • Review the background of myofascial releases and neural glide techniques
  • Integrate myo-fascial, neurofascial viscera-ligamentous techniques into treatment for thoracic, lumbo-pelvic, hip and lower limb disorders
  • Provide practical sessions to:
    • Release the fascia and muscles of the lumbar spine
    • Release muscles, fascia, ligaments and neural tissue in the pelvis and hip
    • Release muscles, fascia, neuro-fascial tissue in the lower limb 
    • Present techniques for decompression of tissue affecting the nerve root and disc material

Pre-requisite: No previous course requirement needed, other than professional registration requirements as per T & C’s.

AMTA 2019 Schedule:

AMTA 2019 Schedule for Myofascial Release Course in Sydney 

Saturday 6th April 2019

Sign in and registration at the course: 8.30am Saturday

Course times: 8.45am to 5.15pm Saturday 

Venue: Adina Apartment Hotel Surry Hills

Address: 359 Crown Street, Surry Hills       

TEL: 02 8302 1000

Booking Accommodation: This hotel will provide a 10% discount on their scheduled rates if you let them know that you are attending this AMTA course and the course dates. BOOK ONLINE @ or call TOGA Reservations:+61 2 9356 5062

More details will be provided with course confirmation after registration and payment has been received.


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